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Charlotte Charlesworth started her career in property in 2008, buying, refurbishing (or simply refreshing) and re-selling homes.

As the country faced a recession, Charlotte quickly found that the key to successfully selling during a difficult market, was to be ‘better than the competition’. She did this by showcasing her properties to their best by using key items of furniture and accessories, enhancing the home on offer and giving buyers more of an insight into how a space could be used.

On occasion, Charlotte even ‘sold the home as seen,’ in order to help tempt buyers to purchase her home over others AND to give her the best possible price!

From selling her own investment properties, word quickly spread of her success and Charlotte’s eye for detail! Her reputation proceeded her, and it wasn’t long before friends, developers and estate agents asked for help staging their homes too!

Since having twins in 2017, Charlotte has stepped away from property development to focus more on her home staging business, now having a vast array of homeware and soft-furnishings, as well as larger items, such as beds, sofas, wardrobes and dining tables, Charlotte has been successfully staging and selling homes for over 15 years and has many repeat clients.

She can help to stage modest one-bedroom flats, as well as homes worth in excess of a million pounds, all for a price which doesn’t ‘break the bank’ or detract from her clients’ profits.

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